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My fascination with that era began with Jimi Hendrixand other musicians associate with it.

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Www perawan es de fetna m xxv

Leadership wasanathema to the revolution, the paradox being that authority was whatwas being disempowered.

The result is that the dream spiraled out ofcontrol and we eventually ended up with Ronald Raygun as President andwe haven't quite been the same since.

Read the full review ›Published on April 4, 2003 by "The Woj"5 of 8 people found the following review helpful: A comfortably mediocre history of the 1960s I'm at a loss to understand why everyone likes this books so much.

Oneguess is that that the "five star" rating reflects the weirdness andcoolness of the events portrayed rather than the history itself.

And of course, they all had theirown opinions on how the revolution was to proceed, with frequentdisagreements.

There is also considerable light shed on the fact that LSD, mescaline, psilocybin, and other compounds were being used withconsiderable effectiveness within parts of the psychoanalyticcommunity for several years before the powers that be came in and putthem back in the box.From someone who grew up on The Brady Bunch, The Monkees & Happy Days...book is a definite eye opener into acultural wave I wish I had been riding.... Help other customers find the most helpful reviews11 of 11 people found the following review helpful: A Fascinating History, March 2, 2001By nonamespecified -It seems to me, as others have said, that the discovery of LSD ranksup there with the top scientific discoveries of the century.The merefact alone that there exists a substance, 50 micrograms of which,would be sufficient to perhaps reorient your entire life andunderstanding of the universe, whether or not one ever actually triesit, is well worth remembering on those occasions when we get a littletoo self-preoccupied.And this book provides a window into theweb of events and players that emerged during that turbulent time inour evolution.In my view, it presents an unbiased social history ofconsciousness expanding chemistry and it's consequences on the humanmind and by extension, upon the greater society as a whole.But even if they hadn't passed laws againstthese tools, it would have eventually come crashing down of it's ownweight.

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