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Devotion and Devoted 2 (since getting impatient / devoted 3 is a pain in the ass) should keep you safe.

In raid fc, I'll have to sometimes survive 15 minutes basing yaka. I'm not gonna spend more money plus what I assume will be even more due to the cost of the "energy" for the armor just for a Yeah, but doesn't really concern me.

Before taking a break from the game, I tried doing a "must have Team Speak" requirement and that actually worked out really well. S.: And no, before you comment "Why does it matter how other people play the game?

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He managed to conveniently not cite anything he said, respond to me in any impactful way or reinforce his position, but at least he got a few points of comment karma from salty retards that upvoted it because it was against OP (someone who disagreed with them) and that was enough proof for them. I've never seen this posted on this sub before nor have I seen any variant of it posted on this sub before, and it's contextually relevant, vs.

something you see over and over again with no variation.

If I dont complain about food basing, neither should DPSers. I'm not going for records, and nobody that has bitched about my Pernix Attacker's Insignia has been able to out-DPS said Pernix Attacker's Insignia (This was pre-Invention), so I'll take it with a grain of salt.

Before I go to any boss, I bonfire, turn on fortitude, eat a soup, and relog (so that the boosted HP from fortitude stays), and if it's at vorago, a T90 shield for entry as well - with all of that, I'm up to around 14k hp, yet you can get that amount with just void on.

I actully DO play Runescape for fun, one look at my bank can confirm I play very differently then most. To that end I will not group myself with others who are hyper-meta max efficiency people because I'm just not interested in playing the game that way.

I make sure to do group activites in more casual settings, like masses or with personal friends where it doesn't matter that I don't have the absolute maximum possible DPS output in the game.

How exactly does "people doing random things" and "people doing things to hurt others" relate to raid fc?

Its not like people Accidentaly asphyxiate stun pool anymore, those almost never happen.

5-6 should be max, and it should make the whole raiding experience better for the "elite" Pv M-ers and the nooby ones.

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