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COMFORT SEXAnyone with a pulse would be crazy not to crave a hot-and-spicy sack session.

But sometimes all you want is the sexual equivalent of mac and cheese: It may not be exciting, but it makes you feel so good.

Put simply: "Sometimes guys want to take their time, and sometimes they just want to get their rocks off," says William Fitzgerald, Ph D, a retired sex therapist in San Jose, California.

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Then drape your legs over his shoulders so he can grab your ankles and position them where he wants them.

"Tell him you want him to make you come," says Etkes.

So if you’re ready to switch things up a little, and spice up your sex life…

it can mean the difference between boring, mediocre sex, and absolutely mindblowing sex.

At the end of the day, sex is just like any other sport or performing art: The final result is only worth the energy and practice you put into it.

Sex can be downright tantalizing, or a total snooze-fest — and a lot of it has to do with the amount of effort that you and the woman you’re with put into it.

"It says that you want him running the show because he has the skills to get you there."FEMALE-DOMINATION SEXIf he's been doing all the pouncing and pawing lately, take the reins.

But a truly titillating takeover has to be authentic and not staged, so wait until you're really randy, straddle him, and say, "I'd love to be in charge tonight." Then gently grab his penis and rub it around your clitoris as if he were your personal sex toy.

All you need for successful speed sex is lube, says Los Angeles sex therapist Donald Etkes, Ph D.

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