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Here are a few examples: And make sure that you show it.

Let people see your character have to turn down fun things in the name of responsibility, or get stressed out over deadlines, or struggle to learn a skill or master a power, and so on.

I've seen way too many "not-Sues" who have special/unique features for pretty much no other reason than the author found it appealing and decided to toss it in there.

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In one roleplay, a powered character I had became friends with a few canon characters due to circumstances that had nothing to do with his superpowers at all - some of the characters had been turned into young children, and he babysat and played with them until the effect could be reversed.

Next thing you know, said character was getting invited to parties.

The cost can be anything - it can be something your character has to give up or pay upfront (whether willingly or not), undesirable consequences, unpleasant responsibilities, a lot of time and effort put into honing the power or talent, or any combination thereof.

It doesn't necessarily have to be huge or dire; just reasonably proportionate.

Finally, a lot of people seem to think their characters can earn the respect of other characters or become their best friends by insulting them. In reality, you earn the right to insult someone by becoming best friends.

And by that point, you understand that there are some lines you do not cross and that you don't start jabbing your best friend in xir vulnerable spots.No, not saying your character should be a useless lump.But many people try to present or use their character's powers/skills as essentially the sole or main reason their character should bond with or be respected by other characters.On the subject of creating a believable relationship between two characters, check out Tips to Write & Roleplay Believable Successful Long-Term Relationships.And if you ever intend or aspire for your character to be respected as a leader, check out On Writing & Roleplaying Characters Who Are Good Leader Material.It also helps to write practical descriptions that relate your character to the world xe lives in, rather than the laundry list descriptions that are so very common these days.

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