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Survey of world history, and detail on the 20th century wars and 'Jews'.• Other revisionist attacks include—reconsideration of Christianity, not from the older rationalist view, but from a perspective perhaps originating with Nietzsche, examining attitudes such as perpetual punishment, the sense of sin, race, 'birthright', the myth of eternal life as a disincentive to action, and possible deliberate Jewish introduction and infiltration of damaging attitudes.• My list of JADAR sites has a few hundred websites (with approximate popularity ratings) which appear to be sound.

Here are just three websites of revisionism, each trying to identify and disentangle Jewish malevolence:–• Andrew C Hitchcock's The Synagogue of Satan (click to download), recommended. Andrew Carrington Hitchcock reads his expanded Synagogue of Satan It's documented up to 2005, including Khazars as false Jews, Cromwell, the French Revolution, the USA and Jackson, the 'Civil War', the Opium Wars, gold and silver standards, greenbacks etc, the Boer War, the destruction of the Tsar, the First and Second World Wars including Germany and Japan, the Depression, the founding of Israel, Iraq wars, assassinations etc., with most of the detail recent.

However, perhaps appropriately, it has material on 'Biblical Prophecies' and 'Satanism'.

Ancient World: I've noticed material on Sumer appearing, and Babylon and Egypt, somewhat along the lines of J H Breasted of Chicago, first published in 1916.

And protests against their suppression in American 'World Histories' controlled by Jews.

Hugh Trevor-Roper (=Lord Dacre) thought that reading Julius Caesar was prefect training for 19th-century schoolboys.

In the 1940s, Alfred Whitehead praised tolerance, exactly at the time the Judeo-British Empire was collapsing.

| Inventions of Christianity and Islam | c 700- | c 1000- | c 1400 - c 1880 Reformation (Luther vs others) | c 1500 - 1650 | c 1500 - c 1800 | 19th Century | Opium Wars | 1871 | 1880s and 1890s Massive emigration | 1900- 'Jews' start subversion | 1913- Federal Reserve and War; US enters | 1917- Jewish Coup in Russia | 1933- NSDAP Election Victory | 1938 | 1939- European War, becomes Second World War after US enters | 1945- | 1960- Years of increasing Jew influence: War, Kennedy supposed murders, LBJ, blacks, immigration, Cold War frauds, 'Holocaust' stories etc | 1997- Public Internet influence begins ] [ Paper money/ e-money as the root of Jewish influence | Myth of Jewish Creativity | Propaganda: How Ideals are Deformed... Implied Propaganda | Getting Control: Temporary Alliances with Subsets of Goyim | How to Study Money Control ] [ Practical, Applied, Theory-Free Jew Teaching for Everyone | Race | Religion | Philosophy | History of Ideas ...

the 'Third World' | Classics | Local History | Economic History | Psychology | Anthropology | Evolution ...

Small note: the idea that the Mediterranean Sea was formed by a deluge through Africa/Spain seems undiscussed.

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