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Now with winter the salt has gotten sealed into the cleaner. This worked well, but left a some streaks and little shine. I wanted to get a shine on the floor so I tried Pledge clean & shine, in a blue bottle. Ok so I tried everything to get it off."Without" ruining the new floor. But once i got it off,there was the original nice finish. Like other comments it left heavy wax build up with streaks.Given the number of times we have used this product,will vinegar and water work to remove it all? Someone put some sort of wax over a wood laminate floor over dog hair! This put a shine on the floor, left no streaks but showed every footprint of every kind. Spic n span,mr clean,hot water /soap,vinegar, Nothing worked! The only way for me to make it look better was to re-apply more rejuvenate to cover over the streaks.

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Follow the directions on the product and always TEST IN A SMALL AREA FIRST.

Spray it on give and it a few minutes to break down the wax. Got a lot of wax build up and now my floor is not shiny anymore.

Post a comment if you know of other helpful methods, or have questions!

I would love it if someone could recommend how to get rid of the film damp mopping leaves on the laminate. I know it said not to wax or polish but I am thinking they mean a product. We don't recommend a buffer on laminate as that type of floor is not meant to be buffed.

A third go 'round has increased the size of the yellow puddles..geez, now what? The first thing is you must always choose a floor that is easy to maintain and clean. Everything sticks to it and you have to scrape it off.

But when you decide to use this flooring you must also make sure that you are aware of the no wax floor cleaner.... Susan, Please don't use Rejuvenate Lamainate floor cleaner. We used Orange Glo wood cleaner on our laminate floor clean and shine at the office many times. Srayed on windex,let it sit for a minute or two,then the credit card and dry with a soft towel. I had to remove several layers of rejuvenate floor restorer from my shaw laminate floors.

The film is caused by content in the water that you are using.

We recommend using Bona Hardwood Floor Mop with the laminate cleaner.

I started using Quik Shine it it made it look amazing, but after reading that wax or anything else like that is not recommended. I hate how dull it looks but can't afford to replace it with something else.

I was on website that recommended a cleaner called Rejuvenate. Also would there be a build up of the Quik Shine on my floor. Hey Susan, check out the post that is 2 up from yours (by FAF laminate Pro).

Rejuvenate doesn't say "wax" since the person who put the laminate in told me to stay away from that.

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