Updating sql database from an array

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I am using Postgres 9.5, and I am trying to figure out how to update a postgres table using an array of JSON.

The JSON path expressions I discussed in my previous column allow you to refer to an object in the array using a zero-based index enclosed in brackets ([]).

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The result, though, is the equivalent of just referencing the column.

These two queries, for example, return identical results: JSON_QUERY doesn’t actually return a JSON object -- the function is only returning a string.

Because my JSON object doesn’t have a Signup Dates property, my previous update statement will give me this: As that discussion suggests, you can also use append to add a new property to a JSON object.

As AJAX becomes more prevalent, JSON is only going to become more important.

Using JSON_QUERY does, however, prevent the string representation of your JSON object from being escaped (that is, having backslashes inserted in front of each of your double quotes).

Because JSON_QUERY returns a string, using JSON_QUERY in a Where clause is … challenging: The JSON object you might be comparing has to be a character-to-character match to the JSON fragment that JSON_QUERY returns.

$sql = "UPDATE `cars` SET `model` = :model WHERE id = :id"; //Prepare our UPDATE SQL statement.

NET column I showed how to retrieve rows that hold JSON objects by querying on values in those objects’ properties.

After creating the Table [Design], I've went to the Table [Data] to add items to the database, ran the program to check if the database items show up, they do.

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