Updating daylight time on windows 2016

This year, though, daylight-saving time will have negative effects on Microsoft Outlook functions such as email time stamping, calendar items and other issues noted by Microsoft in Prepare calendar items for daylight saving time in 2007.

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Software engineer Tom Isaacson adds that his Windows 10 phone had the wrong time, too, but that his Windows 7 laptop was correct (that last bit kills me).

I've asked Microsoft for comment on this issue, which will be a minor annoyance for some and a major problem for others who have time-specific events, alerts, reminders or actions set to trigger on their computer, tablet or phone.

To better understand this issue, let's review some basics on Windows Time Services.

Windows 2003 relies on the NTP (Network Time Protocol) to synchronize clocks across a network.

But checking in on social media this morning, I see the problem seems widespread.

Tech writers Bill Bennett and Steve Biddle say they have the same problem.

For more information on time services in Windows, check out Microsoft's article How Windows Time Service Works.

It doesn't answer all questions, but it addresses a lot of them.

When the UK goes on "summer time", or DST, BST is changed by an hour -- it does not affect GMT.

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