Teachers using dating sites

Trump stated, “I want my schools to be protected like I want my banks to be protected”, which may not sound like a terrible idea for some people.Although, we really can’t afford for there to be access to more weapons on school grounds, especially at this point.Instead, I think we should aim towards better enhancing security in our schools.

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Of course, it can be a challenge to incorporate social media into lessons.

There are many gray areas for teachers to navigate, like setting guidelines, accessibility at school, and student safety.

Myrick said he had “acute stress for about six months afterward. Misery.” following the day he detained a 16 year old gunman in 1997.

I understand that parents want their children to be safe at school, but placing their children’s lives in the hands of the kids’ algebra teacher is an unreasonable expectation.

They were also thoughtful and earnest, as they always are, but maybe even more thoughtful this week.

It was very hard to pick the best, and I feel bad that a lot of good ones didn’t get in here — but we have to keep this post from being 30,000 words long.

The amount of teachers or officers armed should increase for the number of students within the school.

Arming teachers would act more as a precaution than anything else, if a student is aware there are weapons on school grounds the chance of them shooting up a school would decrease.

I believe that training and arming educators with firearms isn’t the right thing to do in this contentious situation.

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