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And his art was the perfection of his transformations." "I don't quite understand what you're telling me," I said.

57 Don Juan said, that Perception is the hinge for everything human is or does, and that Perception is ruled by the location of the Assemblage Point.

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You just can't imagine how he used to "cry", when I first began my apprenticeship." Continuing with his story, don Juan stated, that his life was never the same after the shock of seeing that monstrous man. Don Juan explained, that once a Nagual has introduced his prospective disciple, especially his Nagual Disciple, to trickery, he must struggle to assure his compliance (flexibility). Either the prospective disciple is so disciplined and tuned, that only his decision to join the Nagual is needed, as had been the case with young Talia.

Or the prospective disciple is someone with little or no discipline, in which case a Nagual has to expend time and a great deal of labor to convince his disciple (to join him).

He lurched (roll, pitch suddenly) at don Juan, hissing like a serpent, ready to tear him apart, and frightened him so greatly, that he fainted).

"His way of giving me a jolt on my Connecting Link with the Spirit was masterful." Don Juan laughed.

When he had recovered enough and was ready to flee, old Belisario took him into a room and in trembling whispers disclosed, that the house, where they were staying, belonged to a monstrous man, who was holding him and his wife prisoner.

He asked don Juan to help them to regain their freedom, to escape from their captor and tormentor.

In don Juan's case, because he was a wild young peasant without a thought in his head, the process of reeling him in, took bizarre turns. "He was both a magician and an artist," don Juan replied.

Soon after the first jolt, his benefactor gave him a second one by showing don Juan his ability to transform himself. Don Juan was incapable of conceiving of this transformation as anything, but an example of a consummate (skillful) actor's art. "His magic was, that he transformed himself by moving his Assemblage Point into the position, that would bring on whatever particular change he desired.

"The Nagual Julian's proficiency in moving his Assemblage Point was so magnificent, that he could elicit (evoke, draw out) the subtlest transformations," don Juan continued.

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