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If her makeup could start running that would be fantastic. Megamounds thought bubble: “I can’t believe I'm this busy on my first day!

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Scene 3: The gangbang, easy, medium, and hard to fill the meter.

If there could be a tit slapping option again that would be amazing, especially if her tits were slapped with a dick.) Easy: Mrs. EZG Sex Scene 4 Alistair lies back on the Queens bed as the Queen of Hearts rides his cock. When he awoke, he was completely surprisingly uninjured, though he was in the most peculiar room he’d ever seen.” Scene changes to Alistair on the ground in the bizarre room holding his head. PZZG Short Version: Alistair Kingsleigh is a transfer student from England who has come to Mn F Metropolis to study abroad. “Tick, tock, tick, tock.” He looks around the tree and finds that the ticking is coming from a rabbit hole.

I read in the paper this bakery is looking for a “production assistant.” Whatever that means.” Chef fades into screen: Zk O6Cm I/Uc X8Gcc18AI/AAAAAAAAANA/q CPkh S9Yop E/s1600/0511-1012-1514-2035_Cartoon_of_a_Pastry_Chef_Carrying_a_Tray_of_Goodies_clipart_Chef’s eyes bulge out when he sees Mrs. I’m looking for a job.” Animation of a lightbulb turning on the chef’s head Chef dialogue: Unfortunately, madame, I am fully staffed right now. The men each have a set number above their head between $5 and $1, that drops the longer they are waiting, if it drops to zero the man leaves dissatisfied, and if a certain number leave the mini-game restarts. Megamounds is leaning over, panting and exhausted, with her leaking breasts sagging low. And besides that, those bastards drained my poor aching tits dry! And I’d be glad to tell you where, but there’s a little something I want from you first. So, I’ll tell you how to get there, but I want a good fucking first. Scene 3: “After giving her the fucking she was looking for, the Cheshire Catgirl gave Alistair the directions she promised, and he soon found the place she told him about.

” The chef grins widely Chef dialogue: “In that case, I do have something I need help with. Surely Ches told you about what’s happening with the Queen? She said that she was taking all of the men for some reason. Ever since her regime started we haven’t had any proper fun in ages. The Milf Hare sucks Alistair’s cock before he then fucks the Bimbo Hatter in the arse while the girls eat each other out. She wrote down the directions he needed to get to the Queen’s castle.

She’s really being pounded by the men double penetrating her. Megamounds is jerking off the guys with rocket speed.

Her makeup is running again and her tits are leaking milk. Dialogue from one of the guys: “This cow’s monster rump and giant jugs are jiggling out of control! She’s bouncing up and down, her breasts are moving out of control with milk shooting out of her nipples like fireworks. Megamounds ass and pussy should get filled until they’re overflowing, but she should open her mouth and swallow the cum from the dick in her mouth, and any of the guys the animators choose to have getting jerked off should also shoot their loads into her mouth. Megamounds dialogue: “That actually wasn’t too bad… As Alistair is talking to himself, he hears a voice behind him.

Megamounds: “Damn, this bitch’s thick, juicy, ass is almost as big as her titanic tits! Megamounds is being rocked back and forth between the men at a brisk pace. He’d managed to get himself even more lost in this unknown place.

Her eyes are bulging, and her tits are really bouncing. He decided to try and find his way back to the room he woke up in, but he’d gotten so turned around he ended up wandering in the wrong direction.” Scene changes to Alistair walking through a bizarre forest of trees with purple leaves.

Megamounds created by Serrated and used with his permission) Description: After the Christmas Eve disaster at Meet and Fuck Mall, mega-titted manager Mrs. Chef dialogue: “No, no, no, it is simply too much, I couldn’t trouble you…” Mrs. Our milk delivery is quite late today, and, as a fine French bakery, our customers need some cool and refreshing moo juice to wash down our lovely pastries. I am the Milf Hare and this little cutie is the Bimbo Hatter. Bimbo Hatter: Well you know, we do have a lot of fun with each other. Position example: Z2cob Blowjob – Easy, Medium, Hard Anal – Easy, Medium, Hard, Cum Alistair cums over the Hatter’s butt and the Hare’s face. I’ve checked the way you came in, but that seems to have been blocked off. She also told him what the ring looked like and Alistair set out.” Scene changes to Alistair in the throne room of the castle. The Queen is a curvaceous woman with huge breasts and long, jet-black hair that reaches her waist. Though I should have you flogged for making me wait so long. I would have arrived sooner, but I was delayed because for some reason my directions to your castle where written on an egg.

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