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Juli 1986 in der Präfektur Kumamoto) ist eine japanische Nackt- und Pornodarstellerin und Gravure Idol.

Bekannt wurde sie unter anderem in Japan und darüber hinaus durch ihre großen Brüste, die mit der japanischen Größe 97J angegeben werden.

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Tom Sawyer: Well, Ben Rogers, if I was as ignorant as you I wouldn't let on. No; nobody ever saw anything in the books like that.

You fetch them to the cave, and you're always as polite as pie to them; and by and by they fall in love with you, and never want to go home any more. One of the characters, normally through a misunderstanding, ends up taking the other character hostage/kidnapping them.

This can occasionally seem forced, since people often forget the most important factor in a Stockholm relationship — the act interpreted by the captive as kindness.

The implications of this frequently make it an Unequal Pairing.

in diameter, related to the mountain apple, ʻōhiʻa ʻai. • before short vowels and glottal stop the form is usually hā-, as hāinu, to give to drink, and hāʻawe, to carry.

• before consonants, both may form another derivative with hoʻo-, as inu, hāinu, and hoʻohāinu; heo, haʻaheo, hoʻohaʻaheo.lit.: pride (Kamehameha I ordered his people to plant a large area in taro in a single day; they did so, and he told them he was "proud" of them). • lesson, assignment, task, • gift (Roma 11.29) , appropriation, allowance, • grant, or contribution, honorarium, allotment, award, as of money; • donation, • portion, • deal or hand in cards, • dream, • article (section in a law).[Ka hāpai ʻana i kekahi mea kaumaha ma luna o nā poʻohiwi. Ka hapai ʻana i kekahi mea hoʻoluhi ma luna o ke kua. • a native variety of taro in the piko group, characterized by having the two basal lobes of the leaf blade separated up to the piko (point of joining with the leaf stem); a hardy taro often grown commercially for poi, formerly common at Kaʻanapali, Maui, where strong winds tore the leaves (hence land section and village, Kohala qd.; land section and village, Makuʻu qd.; land section, Kaʻū district, Hawaiʻi.Land section, village, heiau, caves, point, and beach park, Hanalei, Kauaʻi. see hāhāʻaiakamanu, a native lobelia, (Clermontia clermontioides), Kauaʻi...Drive, Mānoa, Honolulu; heiau of Kamehameha I at ʻEwa, Oʻahu (RC 173). hāhā lua, a native tree lobelia, (Cyanea leptostegia), Kauaʻi...The many flowers are purplish-red, the fruits yellow berries.

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