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None of our species are naturally or philosophically immune to the irrational: We are Objectivists that die from denying tobacco addiction and epidemiology; we are scientists that push dogma; we are believers that force our leap of faith on others; we are shepherds that prey on innocents; we are environmentalists that despoil; we are advertisers that divert attention from our product; we are voters that bribe; we are representatives that do not represent; we are debaters that hurl insults; we are seekers of freedom that enslave; we are brothers that kill each other -- over differences of opinion.

Similarly, none of our species are naturally or philosophically immune to the rational: In the words of our first declared plurationalist and COR's founder, "We are rationalists who thunder; we are irrationalists who come in out of the rain." All of us engage in reasoning thought and action at various times. ) The need for plurationalists to reasoningly guide and bridge our diverse communities was described by Dr.

Rationalism is the use of reason to source, test, implement, and communicate knowledge.

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Here's what plurationalism is like in action: While some atheists wear T-shirts saying, "Religion: Together We Can Find The Cure" as an insult to emotively (irrationally) persuade others, an atheist plurationalist will likelier refrain from such insulting tactics and instead seek to persuade others through reasoning dialogue.

Similarly, while some theists force their religious behavior upon others, a theist plurationalist will likelier refrain from such force (irrationalism) and again seek to persuade others through reasoning dialogue or personal witness. "Reason is not a tribe; it is the only way to enlighten all tribes.

Pluralistic Rationalism ("Plurationalism"), the new social philosophy of commitment to reason regardless of worldview, reasserts everyone's equal right (and obligation) to use reason -- as a method, not as a worldview, encouraging reasoning thinking and behavior in all people without regard to their disparate beliefs, backgrounds, and current ideological or tribal affiliations.

Plurationalism: The social philosophy asserting the value of communal commitment to more consistently practice the basic methodological tenets of a reasoning lifestyle (reality's acceptance, assumption's denial, and emotion's mastery) irrespective of our theological, ethical, cultural or political worldviews.

As an international organization to encourage the practice of plurationalism, The Circle of Reason and its local circles provide a unique charitable service -- organizing and conducting volunteer programs and community service projects to encourage those with diverse or disparate beliefs and backgrounds to engage in reasoning dialogue and fellowship across the gulf of human difference, helping us lessen neighborhood tensions, eliminate prejudice and discrimination, and combat community deterioration.

Although our members and event attendees stay affiliated with their cherished groups that rely on religious, atheist, biological, ethnic, cultural, economic, political, tribal or ideological kinship, they also join the Circle as plurationalists, to examine their different perspectives and bring them to the round-table of rational discourse -- putting into practice the belief that our public commitment to everyday reasoning will help bring humankind's next major step in moral evolution.Embracing the morality of our individual freedom to reason thus comes with accepting the morality of our social obligation to reason.Free speech, our moral right as beings capable of reasoning, can also be used immorally -- to deprive others of the ability to reason -- when we choose to use our free speech to emotively coerce or enrage others.The plurationalist symbol is a circle, because in geometry the circle encompasses the greatest number within the smallest form: By minimizing what we must believe, plurationalism welcomes more of us into its embrace.Plurationalists encourage us to more consistently practice merely the few methodological tenets of reason that everyone already practices in daily aspects of their lives -- accepting reality, questioning assumptions, and mastering emotions. ) Everyone is already a methodological rationalist, if inconstantly.(When was the last time you stepped in front of a moving bus? We call our species Homo sapiens, the "Knowing Human." Ironically, it is our capacity of sapience -- our very ability to conceptualize reality at one remove -- that erects before our species its last remaining obstacle to adulthood: We pride ourselves as rational, but usually behave so only when confronting reality face-to-face, not reality at a distance.

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