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Not that it mattered to her but it did explain the look of shock on Millie's face. It was somewhat out of character for Millie to pry. I know that some couples actually enjoyed that kind of stuff. I don't know why I overslept." It was only then that Cathy realized she was naked in front of her friend.Meet and interact LIVE with thousands of free cam girls from around the world.

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"In fact, it has been over 10 years since we had sex." Cathy couldn't believe her ears. Once the kids were grown he spent most of his time either working on our cars or watching TV.

"You're kidding me," Cathy reacted without thinking, "What was wrong with him? I don't even remember the last time we slept in the same bed, together." Cathy sat in stunned silence.

I never even had one that I know of." Cathy asked, "Didn't it feel good when Charles would be fucking you? " Cathy sighed and realized she was dealing with someone who was ignorant of the pleasure she had known for years. They sat next to each other and Cathy rubbed Millie's shoulders. She pushed Millie back a bit and had her lay her head back on the couch all the while working the muscles in Millie's neck and shoulders. Cathy had always admired the size of her friend's breasts.

" Millie shrugged her shoulders slightly and said, "I guess so. She also was begining to want to help enlighten her friend to the wonderful world of sexual pleasure. They were they big old-lady-tits that are so common on farm women.

Maybe it was because it was Millie and it was a subject they had never discussed in the past. Finally, Cathy mustered up enough nerve and asked, "Millie, would you like to know what an orgasm feels like? They stared at each other for what seemed like an hour. When Cathy got on her knees in front of her friend she began to get bolder with her hands. Cathy ran her hands down Millie's stomach and over her hips.

Either way, her own pussy was getting wetter the longer her and Millie talked. First she put her palms over Millie's tits and gave them both a squeeze. She found the hem of Millie's dress and pushed her way under it.Cathy knew how exciting it was when Don would tease her this way and she wanted Millie to experience the feeling and enjoy it the way she did. Cathy smiled to herself as she knew the feeling that her friend was having and she was thrilled to be the one causing it.Cathy ran her fingers up Millie's thighs and then through the thickness of her pubic hair. Cathy brought her fingers back down through Millie's pubic hair and finally ended the suspense and made contact with her pussy. "Oh my God, Cathy, I have never felt anything that good." Cathy softly worked her fingers up and down Millie's pussy lips.Cathy got up and poured them both a cup of coffee and they sat at the kitchen table. There was a tension between them that Cathy had never felt before. " Cathy could tell that it was difficult for Millie to ask her and Cathy wondered where she was gearing the conversation. " Millie just slowly shook her head 'no' and a tear ran down her cheek. " By now, Cathy was getting excited by the turn the conversation was taking. Cathy could feel her relaxing under the gentle massaging.She had always felt so comfortable around Millie but now she had no idea what to say or even what to think about what her friend was admitting to her. "Yes I do," Cathy paused for a moment then asked, "I assume you didn't? "I was reading in a magazine down at The Hair Salon about how to have better orgasms. Cathy took a deep breath and stood, took her friend by the hand and led her to the couch. Just relax." Cathy began to massage Millie's shoulders and neck and down her arms. After a few more moments of running her hands over her friend's shoulders, neck and arms Cathy got a little bolder and brushed her hands against Millie's ample breasts.You can also lock-release Flash by pressing on the "puzzle" icon in the top right corner of your browser.

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