Rubidium 87 radiometric dating

The dating method would give us the incorrect date. You can measure the current length and at what rate it burns, but you still don't know how long the candle was when it started burning, or even if it was always burning at the same rate.

If you know X, and you can measure A and B, then it is easy to find C.

The problem is you have to assume X is a constant to determine C.

Later Darwin came along and gave those ages more exact numbers (based off of no evidence).

This is the basis of the entire geological column we have today.

If there was not a worldwide flood, then that would mean the layers were laid down over long periods of time.

When Lyell assigned ages to the fossils there was no other dating methods of determining their age so he guessed what order they should be in and correspondingly assigned them ages based on in what layer they were found.

This form of circular reasoning because the age of the layer/fossil is assumed before it is dated.

The Coelacanth is a lobed fin fish that was found living off the coast of Madagascar.

Then we can calculate how long those books have been sitting there.

What if one book was sitting there for 2 years, and 6 months ago someone came in and dusted it off and put another book right next to it?

Carbon-14 to Nitrogen-14 - Potassium-40 to Argon-40 - Uranium-238 to Lead-206 - Rubidium-87 to Strontium-87 - Samarium-147 to Neodymium-143 - Biostratigraphy - Cosmogenic Nuclide Dating - Palaeomagnetism - Optically Stimulated Luminescence - Thermoluminescence Dating Evolutionary dating methods are often unreliable and inconsistent.

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