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She described the incident in detail in her best-selling autobiography (released in May 2015), My Fight / Your Fight : (H/T Sean Mooney) Before the book was released, Rousey talked about "Snappers Mc Creepy" in an interview with Sirius XM, saying that the incident was the reason why she opted to pose for ESPN's Body Issue magazine, but had never mentioned physically beating him up: "It was right before my first title fight, actually," Rousey said on the Opie Radio' show on Sirius XM.

"It was like two weeks before and I was pumping out a lot of social media to try and get people to pay attention.

Her maternal grandfather was Venezuelan and was of part Afro-Venezuelan ancestry; her maternal great-grandfather was Dr.

Alfred E Waddell, a Trinidadian who emigrated to Canada and became one of the first black physicians in North America.

That's why it's called 'personal life,'" Rousey said.

"It's true that Travis and I are in a relationship.

You know how it shows the preview of recent downloads? I had to look so I looked at it and it was all me." The Rousey-Browne affair has quickly made a splash outside of the MMA world.

"I was downloading something and then I just saw a bunch of ass! Fox News, New York Daily News, People Magazine, TMZ, Washington Post, Daily Mail (UK), US Weekly, E!

The two seemed very close by all accounts, as seen in photos here.

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