Qprogressdialog not updating

Unlike push buttons, they are not shown in the button itself, but close to it.

Other settings that apply to all widgets are the font, which is set with , which only apply to top-level widgets and are rarely needed even for them.

You can create a top-level widget without passing any parameters to the constructor because all three parameters usually default to .

For your convenience, Table 4-1 contains all widgets that ship with Version 3 of Qt.

They are listed alphabetically, each with a short description and a reference to the section of this book where they are explained further.

Both styles of buttons have special appearances that reflect their choice model, for example, in MS Windows, checkboxes are square and radio buttons are circular.

In MS Windows, your users would be confused if you used square buttons that have radio button behavior.

Some widgets with a more specific task, such as those used for displaying database data, are described in other chapters to stay with their underlying classes.

For most of the widgets, we show screenshots depicting them in both Windows and Motif styles because these styles are used most frequently.

All widgets in this chapter serve as building blocks for your application; most of them are commonly found in dialogs.

Of course, these widgets all have the general properties of Qt widgets. See the reference documentation for parameter for influencing whether a widget is available for user interaction, is very useful.

Checkboxes are used for “many of many” choices; any number of checkboxes in a group, including none, can be checked.

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