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You can also show or hide the Pivot Table Fields window with a right click anywhere inside your pivot table then select Show Field List or Hide Field List (depending on the current state of your Pivot Table Fields window).Click on the gear wheel with a downward arrow to change default appearance of the Pivot Table Fields window.You can get more screen real estate by hiding the Pivot Table Fields window.

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Press the Options button in the Pivot Table section to open the options menu.

In the Pivot Table Options menu go to the Data tab and uncheck the Enable show details box to disable this feature.

You can change this to show in alphabetical order (A to Z) if you prefer. Right click on the small downward arrow to the right of the Pivot Table Fields title to move, resize or close the window. This will take you through the steps to set up either a pivot table or pivot chart, select your data and the location for your new pivot table or chart.

Left click on the options menu in the Pivot Table Fields window to access the option. Use the ribbon command keyboard shortcut to quickly create a pivot table.

In this example, if we were to add data past Row 51 or Column I our pivot table would not include it in the results. Now when you create a pivot table you can reference it with a name instead of a range.

When you add data to the table, you won’t need to update the range in your pivot table.

To undock the Pivot Table Fields window pane hover your mouse cursor over the title until it turns into a four way arrow, then right click and drag it to your desired location.

You can either leave it floating somewhere in the spreadsheet or dock it to the left side by dragging it to the very left edge.

When adding new rows or columns to your source data, you won’t need to update the range reference in your pivot tables if your data is in a Table.

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