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At that point, I tried to figure out what an Alpha Male actually is supposed to be the “top dog” in society. Heck, I’m a plumber, and just one of dozens of plumbers in my city. A lot of those guys in those e Books aren’t top dogs either.

They’re just whatever the women reading them constitutes that personality.

I think this actually works quite well if you’re just aiming to get a quick lay. If you’re in the market for a serious relationship, I’d say this system has its limits. Simply put, because at that point you’re looking for something deeper, and if your girl still fits perfectly into one of 8 personality types …

well, you probably aren’t seeing the real woman, or worse, there isn’t a whole lot there to see.

In reality, the only kind of “Alpha Male” you need to be to attract a woman is the kind of man wants you to be.

Reading about all these types in the e Book and then watching the interviews (each of the 8 personality types is interviewed) was really eye-opening for me.

I think the biggest single thing I gleaned from all of this is that there is no one perfect approach to attracting women!

I think all too often we guys fall into the trap of thinking there is one perfect male ideal again, that “Alpha Male” myth.

With Vin Di Carlo Pandora’s Box, you learn how to “typecast” women you meet.

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