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She then dresses the magistrate like a corpse for laying out, with a wreath and a fillet, and advises him that he's dead.

Outraged at these indignities, he storms off to report the incident to his colleagues, while Lysistrata returns to the Acropolis.

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He has come for silver from the state treasury to buy oars for the fleet and he instructs his Scythians to begin levering open the gate.

However, they are quickly overwhelmed by groups of unruly women with such unruly names as Lysistrata restores order and she allows the magistrate to question her.

The women are very reluctant, but the deal is sealed with a solemn oath around a wine bowl, Lysistrata choosing the words and Calonice repeating them on behalf of the other women.

It is a long and detailed oath, in which the women abjure all their sexual pleasures, including the Lioness on the Cheese Grater (a sexual position).

The Old Women complain about the difficulty they had getting the water, but they are ready for a fight in defense of their younger comrades.

Threats are exchanged, water beats fire, and the Old Men are discomfited with a soaking.When her young stallion arrives to bang her out, she strips down to her hot pink bra and panties - this old bitch still loves dressing like a slut!With her years of decadent experience, she swallows his rod whole letting it tickle her tonsils before serving up her hot snatch for a hardcore fucking!Older, hotter and broken in, find out what gets these sexy silver foxes wet!No matter how old these mature hotties get, one thing is for damn sure - you just can't retire good pussy!At this time, Greek theatre was a profound form of entertainment, which was extremely popular for all audiences as it addressed political issues relevant to that time. Women, as represented by Calonice, are sly hedonists in need of firm guidance and direction.

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