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FHM is a defunct monthly men's lifestyle magazine, currently operating solely online.It contains features such as the FHM 100 Sexiest Women in the World, which has featured models, TV presenters, reality stars and singers.The data below refer only to the British edition (the rankings for the international editions vary widely, with many top-ranking women in some editions not appearing at all in others).

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To use it, women would need to put the device onto one quadrant of their breasts and leave it there briefly.

This procedure is repeated until four scans are done per breast plus the areas under the armpits.

Because around 30% of these tumors will become invasive, women undergo surgery and potentially radiation, which increases the risk for cancer.

This means that around 70% of these tumors, though harmless, will be treated with surgery and irradiation unnecessarily, Abrams said.

In this way, the physician can see if there is a change in the mass, and distinguish a change that requires follow up from one that does not.

The key to keeping breast cancer at bay, Abrams said, is to monitor regularly, to keep tabs of the development, and to catch the cancer before it spreads to other parts of the body, after which survival rates drop exponentially.Women are told by that there are five steps to doing a self exam –that checks for abnormalities and changes.The breast self-exam is difficult because it is entirely subjective, and often, women do not know what they are feeling or meant to feel, said Abrams.The final printed issue of FHM was in December 2015, with the magazine currently operating as a digital-only platform, where topics such as dating tips, style advice, viral news, life hacks, sports and entertainment, among other things, are covered daily.Circulation expanded to newsagents as a quarterly by the spring of 1987 and then monthly in 1994.Once the product completes pre-market clinical studies, the company will reapply for FDA approval, she said, as the software was originally approved for clinical use.

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