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Thirty-one states have death penalty statutes, though several have gubernatorial moratoria in place.

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In fact, a number of lethal industrial accidents involving inhaled nitrogen are reported every year. The answers are yes, maybe, and we don’t know (but probably yes).

Though its potential use in executions has not been formally studied, advocates have already suggested legal death via nitrogen inhalation would be quick, peaceful, and humane. And, is it cruel and unusual, violating the Eighth Amendment to the U. Though it has not yet been used in a death penalty case, there is no doubt using nitrogen to execute prisoners would be highly effective.

Humans normally breathe in life-sustaining oxygen and breathe out carbon dioxide produced during respiration.

Choking victims, who cannot get enough oxygen, say it is agonizing.

Nitrogen gas doesn’t put people to sleep as do the medicines used in anesthesia, so prisoners could be painfully aware.

To be sure, sedating them first would prevent any distress from the hypoxia, but it would leave all the other problems associated with lethal injection.

The second question, whether or not using nitrogen is better than what we currently do, is harder to answer.

We need to be cautious in adopting new methods for use in capital punishment cases.

It should be noted that nitrogen was previously used to kill animals, but it’s not a method that’s used anymore—the American Veterinary Medical Association does not recommend nitrogen euthanasia because evidence suggests gassed dogs and cats can actually suffer horribly before dying.

Determining in advance whether or not nitrogen asphyxiation offers a “peaceful” death is impossible.

The question on the table isn’t whether or not the U. Capital punishment remains constitutional, and it isn’t going away any time soon.

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