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In June 1953, Naipaul and Hale graduated from Oxford. Peter Bayley, his Oxford tutor, would later comment that Naipaul "had not quite forgiven us for giving him a second-class degree". The freelancers' room was like a club: chat, movement, the separate anxieties of young or youngish men below the passing fellowship of the room. That was the atmosphere I gave to Bogart’s Port of Spain street.

Partly for the sake of speed, and partly because my memory or imagination couldn’t rise to it, I had given his servant room hardly any furniture: the Langham room itself was barely furnished.

He published more than thirty books over fifty years.

Naipaul won the Booker Prize in 1971 for his novel In a Free State.

And I benefited from the fellowship of the room that afternoon. In December 1954, he began appearing on the BBC radio programme Caribbean Voices once a week.

Without that fellowship, without the response of the three men who read the story, I might not have wanted to go on with what I had begun. Sitting in the BBC freelancers' room in the old Langham Hotel, he wrote "Bogart", the first story of Miguel Street, which was inspired by a neighbour he knew as a child in Port of Spain. The New York Times said about the book: "The sketches are written lightly, so that tragedy is understated and comedy is overstated, yet the ring of truth always prevails." Diana Athill, an editor at the publishing company André Deutsch, read Miguel Street and liked it, but publisher André Deutsch thought a book of short stories by an unknown Caribbean writer unlikely to sell profitably in Britain. In 1956, Naipaul returned to Trinidad for a two-month stay with his family.

In 1952, before visiting Spain, Naipaul met Patricia Ann Hale, his future wife, at a college play.

With Hale's support, he began to recover and gradually to write. Her family was hostile to the relationship; his was unenthusiastic.

She also did her Tamil debut with the film Naan Rajavaga Pogiren released in 2013.

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