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Most commonly it is spread during childbirth when the mother is infected. When we’re infected as newborns or young children, our immature immune systems don’t notice or fight the virus and it travels to our liver and begins reproducing.

With no opposition from our immune systems, a hepatitis B infection can continue for years.

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If you were infected at birth, there is a chance that your siblings may also be infected.

Sexual partners and close household members should also be tested.

But, some people experience severe symptoms like jaundice (yellowing skin or eyes), severe nausea or vomiting, or a bloated stomach (unrelated to your weight), and they need to see a doctor immediately.

If you have a new or acute infection, even these drastic symptoms may not necessarily mean that you need any form of treatment, but you will need to be monitored with additional tests to make sure your liver is safe.

If you test positive for HBs Ag for longer than six months, it means you have a chronic hepatitis B infection.

But, if you no longer test positive (or “reactive”) for HBs Ag after six months and you develop hepatitis B surface antibodies (HBs Ab), then you have cleared hepatitis B after an “acute” infection.

There are some additional blood tests that your doctor may order to get a better understanding of your infection, but not everyone has access to these tests.

Some tests are rather expensive and they may still need to be repeated over time in order to confirm the diagnosis. The good news is that hepatitis B is not typically an emergency. If you are a healthy adult and are newly or acutely infected, know that your chances are good that the hepatitis B infection will go away on its own.

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