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Quinn Fry (Former Housewife): Well, I saw Tamra with an envelope and she was going off.She looked at me and she said, “I know she’s one of your friends, but blah blah blah Simon blah blah blah,” and I walked away, because when I’m a friend of yours, I’m a friend of yours, and I don’t want anyone to badmouth you, so I kinda left and went over to stand by Jeana because I knew it was all about Jeana and then two seconds later, Tamra came over and started in and accusing her of this and accusing her of that and Jeana was kinda just standing her ground and standing by the pool.Jeana already took Tammy and I aside and said, “Well, I want to warn you guys that I said something to Simon, and I don’t know how that’s going to play out, but I just wanted to warn you.” So I didn’t know what that was about until we got inside. Lauren Kaylor (Production Assistant on Season 6): Whenever there’s a party at Vicki’s house, we make our video village in her garage.

I went out with the camera operator and the audio person to Tamra’s house to cover their pre-BBQ party.

And I remember that Tamra was definitely fired up, and she mentioned the [cease and desist] letter and said, “You know I’m bringing this with me.” Once we were ready to leave, we loaded up into the limo and filmed them driving over, and she was definitely, definitely fired up.

Most of the people, almost all of them, went out to the pool area.

And they had drinks and all kinds of things out there for them, and as usual when they have drinks and everything out there for them, things tend to get a little buzzy.

And he said no, you don’t have to, it would be more powerful if you did, but no cop would film on the show.

Sally-Anne King (Field Producer on Season 6): Usually when we shoot our final parties, it’s pretty much all hands on deck, and we split up the crew so that we’re able to cover every single cast member going over to the event.When we went back into post [production], it was easier to find them when the raw footage was in the system.Sally-Anne King (Field Producer on Season 6): My job was to be in constant communication with all the cast members, so that we could figure out what we were going to shoot on a daily basis.Tamra Judge (Housewife): Well, from what I can even remember, I was having a lot of issues with Jeana Keough talking to the press about my recent separation.The press always wants to reach out to all of us when something happens, and she was the only one who kept talking to them and giving quotes about my relationship, and I asked her nicely several times to please stop talking to the press.So we would start out the season by sitting with all of the women individually and finding out what they had going on..know, just big ticket things that were going on in their lives, and they would basically tell me, and then [my executive producer] Pete [Tartaglia] and I would then determine if it was something that we wanted to film or if it was something that didn’t make sense to film.

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