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All I do is laugh and giggle and call you mean names and then pick on you for having such a small penis!

I’m such a mean Princess, I can do whatever I want!

You will just have to deal with those blue balls and thank me for giving them to you.

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You look so silly fucking that orange and writing things all over your teeny, tiny cock in permanent marker.

The best though is when my sissy sluts get all dressed up in women’s lingerie and then show me how sexy they look.I don’t care if your balls are swollen, full of cum and about to burst.If you have nothing to offer your Mistress then you don’t get to cum at all.Is your partner reserved and shy to try new sexual experiences? Why not call or text one of Get Me Sex`s Live Chat 100 phone sex tarts. Our fetish babes are uninhibited and ready for bizarre and extreme sex acts. I'm a performing princess with a million and one fetish desires. I'm a small tits kinky chick looking to be disgraced in in a physical examination. Submissive slaves, femdoms, bitch mistresses, dominatrix and more. I want my mouth cram-packed with a rubber poker whilst receiving a painful flogging across my cunt. I'm an Incredible fun and fetish hot chick who's longing to be manhandled and crammed in vulnerable sexual bondage positions.

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