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In the petroleum system, there are also “oil shows” close to the source rocks analogous to the in-situ anatectic pegmatoids.“Oil and gas seeps” are comparable to the various types of (auto)hydrothermal alteration common to many pegmatite systems.Be–Li–Nb pegmatite stock-like) and a mineralogical qualifier (e.g.

geologists know that radioactive dating methods are valid-19

Granite pegmatites are ranked second in the abundance of rare elements, mainly Sn and W, whereas metapegmatites and pegmatoids are used to concentrate only feldspar, quartz and mica.

A similar tripartite subdivision as performed for the geodynamic positioning of the host environment can also be done for the emplacement of pegmatites themselves.

In nature they are often transitional from simple pegmatoids in migmatites to complex pegmatites sensu stricto.

They are characterized by a polyphase development with their formation guided by structures, controlled by open access to crustal and subcrustal heat and element sources.

The approach taken in the current review to explain, how the pegmatites evolved through time closely resembles the way petroleum geologists in search of or during study of a “petroleum system” address this problem.

Their “basin analysis” at the beginning is equivalent to the analysis of the geodynamic setting out of which only three – Variscan-, Alpine- and Rift-type – are considered in this study as pegmatite-prone.

Pegmatitic rocks are very coarse-grained basement rocks abundant in quartz, feldspar or/and mica, in places, endowed either with mega crystals of the aforementioned rock-forming minerals or rare-element minerals.

Pegmatites are treated in this study together with aplitic rocks, which are compositionally similar to pegmatites but strikingly different from them by their fine-grained texture.

metapegmatite, pegmatoid, pseudopegmatite) and by its shape and structure (e.g., stock-like, tabular, miarolitic).

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