Funny questions to ask at a speed dating event

But, the total energy is the sum of the kinetic and potential energies, ΔK ΔU=0.

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Is 0 ,therefore total transfer of energy on book should also be 0 but after putting the book on the table at height 'h' the book gain a p.e. The gravitational potential energy represents the work done by the weight mg of an object.

So, if you use potential energy, you do not count the work weight does, that is ANSWER: First of all, the equation you write really does not make any sense and, if it does, it does only under special circumstances.

I think Leonardo de Vinci was the first to think about it.

Anyhow, I think the answer to your question is that it would be harder to do a pullup.

Then the buoyant force the water is exerting up is 911-50=861 N.

Archimedes' principle says that this is the weight of the displaced water, and let's say salt water has a density of 1030 kg/m ANSWER: There simply is the strong interaction which is responsible for holding nuclei together.

Here is why: The weight of something is proportional to the cube of its dimensions.

So, if you doubled all the dimensions of a man, his weight would increase eightfold.

If a man was to be proportionately increased in size, would it be more difficult for him to perform a pull-up?

All his body percents are exactly the same including his muscle, fat, ability, ect.

ANSWER: Anything involving microbiology is basically chemistry.

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