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All humans are biased, and while bots can embody intended or unintended bias, this can be eliminated.

Kahneman who got the Nobel Prize for his work in this area, describes human bias as uneducable.

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There are many types of chatbots that serve many purposes.

There are shopping bots, health bots, therapy bots, financial bots, and the list goes on.

Machine learning, Reinforcement learning and Generative Adversarial Networks, and many other variants of ‘learning’ methods are driving the success of AI. Alternatively, we could see this in purely utilitarian terms and see the advantages purely in terms of outcomes – better teaching and learning. Few young people will want to admit to their teacher, lecturer or adult that they are having mental health problems, due to fear and embarrassment.

Social learning networks now have these new entrants – bit learners that learn fast. On the other hand, the ‘anonymity’ of bots can be their cardinal advantage. Many will feel more comfortable dealing with a helpful, anonymous bot. This could be true in news aggregation but I doubt that this is much of a problem in learning.

Sex robots are essentially bots inside robot bodies. At work bots, such as Otto, pop up within workflow tools, such as Slack, Microsoft Teams and Facebook at Work.

In learning, we have bots that increase student engagement, bots that provide learner support, tutorbots, mentorbots, assessment bots and wellbeing bots.

It fits with Bandura’s Social Learning Theory, where one leans through social observation and modelling.

I don’t buy this theory LINK but it is interesting to me that the most vociferous anti-technology critics, who rely on a theory of social learning, may be sabotaged by technology that plays their game.

The New York Times carried a heartwarming story "to Siri With Love" by a mother who had an autistic son, Gus.

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