Finite element model updating based on response surface methodology

Nowadays, the accelerations can be near 12 times the acceleration of gravity.

finite element model updating based on response surface methodology-76

The choice of updating parameters is the most important and the numerical predictions should be sensitive to small changes in the parameters.

So methods used in model updating places a demand that the mass, stiffness and damping terms should be based on physically meaningful parameters.

This model-building and model-modifying method for the baseline FEM of the Shengli cable-stayed bridge also provided reference for the similar existing cable-stayed bridges.

摘要: The seepage of rock and soil is a common problem in geotechnical engineering, because of the uncertainty property of rock and soil, how to ascertain the seepage parameter of rock and soil becomes a problem to solve.

The results show that the method can be effectively used to correct the finite element model of space grid structures.

摘要: For steel cable-stayed bridges which have been operating for many years, their static and dynamic parameters have been being changed because of corrosion and overloading.Then, the initial finite element model built was modified in terms of the optimization principle by minimizing the difference between the static deflections resulting from the field inspection and those calculated by the FEM before being modified.Lastly, dynamic results from the field inspection were compared with those from the optimized FEM to justify feasibility and reasonability of the developed three-dimension FEM which could reflect one or some certain properties of the structure we were emphatically paying attention to.Model updating is about correcting invalid assumptions by processing vibration test results.Updating by improving the physical meaning of the model requires the application of considerable physical insight in the choice of parameters to update and the arrangement of constraints, force inputs and response measurements in the vibration test.Using the structure frequency and local modal shape acquired from structural time-history responses, a model updating method of space grid structures was established in this paper.

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