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Stay away from the touristy areas as they are expensive as anywhere. March to November is the dry season , it rains every day at pm. If you get out into the country, be sure to use a guide as there are literally millions of land and antipersonel mines.

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“The speed-dating concept was seen as a value to the investors, as they are able to uncover potential startups in the event,” Loh added.

When visiting unfamiliar places with language barriers and different customs, travelers often find themselves the target of unscrupulous individuals looking to take advantage.

I use to have night pictures of the Special Forces rappeling from helicopters onto Marble Mountain.

I remember watching the green tracers from enemy fire as the Special Forces made their attack.

Over the course of three months, over 840 companies and 380 investors enrolled, resulted in over 17,000 investor-company matches made.“We see a thriving entrepreneur and startup ecosystem across Southeast Asia, particularly in the technology and fintech sectors.

Having said that, many SMEs continue to face challenges in seeking access to funding or opportunities to connect with the right investors.

It has been said that these investors who are mostly private equity general partners and corporate venture planned to inject up to US.2 billion of capital for investments into Southeast Asia within this year, and another US billion over the next two following years.

The Deal Day by EY and MAS was done on October 5, 2018, facilitated over 400 curated meetings between investors and prospective enterprises.

A friend and I are going for 6 weeks from July 18th-August 29th. If anyone has travelled to SEA at this time of year, what do you suggest bringing to stay dry and have fun? We are poor students who are concerned about funds. Name 3 top things not to miss when travelling in SEA. Should we plan to travel in the order we have planned, Vietnam into North Veitnam, Across into Northen Laos and then into North East Thailand to Bangkok, sound the coast into Cambodia and across Cambodia back into South Vietnam? You may be considered as American , ( meaning USA) and may not be treated as kindly as you might expext.

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