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Charted multicolor pattern for carnation border with corner. Art Deco bag from France, metallic beads, fringe, gold colored clasp and chain, beads in silver, gold, and black.

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Book transferred to the Rijksmuseum Research Library, 2017.

From the listing: This was worked with a tapestry backing (red in the centre and green around the edge).

Traditional lacy knit shawls and wraps using lace-weight yarns. Also instructions for Mount Mellick table spread with a knotted fringe trim, a shirtwaist in surface stitched whitework, and freehand designs for shirtwaist and lingerie embroidered edgings, designs for gown embellishment, embroidery for parasols, lampshades, and several cushions.

Circular, square and triangular forms, most with edgings. Crochet instructions plus patterns for necktie, purse, suspenders, and a small pinwheel intended to make up bedspreads and table linens.

Particularly useful for table linens, curtains, and other household linen.

Scan donated by Sytske Wijnsma from the collection of Anne Marie van der Peut, edited by Judith Adele. From the collection of Anne Marie van der Peut, edited by Judith Adele.Charted by Sytske Wijnsma From the listing: A beautiful antique Victorian hand-stitched beadwork panel.This comes in a round shape, with a lovely geometric pattern with a floral centre.Patricia Voss edited the pdf that will be added later: warning - it's huge - but beautiful.A shaggy dog, centre motif of a small sampler sold on ebay in november 2014.Marie Antoinette later published under the name Hees.

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