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Then, just as you start to consider falling back asleep, the pace picks up and suddenly the song is getting faster, there are more instruments, and it's getting louder.

It's a great song for people who are slow at waking up. "Budapest" by George Ezra This song is so positive and it has got a smooth sound to it. I love the steady beat to this song, and the fact that his voice is so low.

It gets your brain thinking about something besides how hungry or late you are, which is always a good thing. "Sorry" by Justin Bieber Everybody needs a little Justin Bieber in their day.

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The strange sound is fun, but when you add the ideas of cake and the beach, suddenly I'm wide awake. "Hold Back the River" by James Bay This song is really great to listen to if you're still half asleep and just going through the motions.

His voice is so soothing and it starts out slowly and softly.

Everyone knows the words to it and everyone gets pumped whenever it comes on. I'm crabby that the weekend is over and I just want this week to be over before I even leave my bed.

This song makes Monday a little more bearable, since it's constantly reminding you to be happy. Besides, when this song plays, all I think about are those minions from "Despicable Me." Who doesn't like those minions 4.

It's definitely going to shock you if you place it anywhere near a song by Sia. "Alive" by Sia This song builds so nicely and then suddenly her voice gets high and you're awake immediately.

I like how she goes high and low and holds out the notes.

By the end of this song, you're definitely alive after hearing her high notes.

Depending on how crazy your weekend was, this song is definitely fantastic for that Monday wake-up. "Twist and Shout" by the Beatles I really like the Beatles's version of this.

Hopefully these songs can help those Monday morning struggles when coffee isn't doing the trick.

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