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For these reasons, we are unable to process unregistered samples.

If you already mailed back your sample without completing registration or noting the barcode, the email address listed on the order will receive an email with your barcode once your sample arrives at our laboratory.

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If the gift giver wishes the lab fee to be a part of the gift, he or she can provide you with a gift card in the amount of the lab fee* ($69 Ancestry Service or $169 Health Ancestry Service) or be present while you register your kit. If the gift giver purchased the 23and Me Ancestry Service for you, you will have the option to upgrade to the 23and Me Health Ancestry Service after you receive your reports. We have designed our service to give customers control over how much information they share.

That includes giving our customers the prerogative to use a pseudonym when connecting with other 23and Me customers, if they wish.

If you’ve already mailed your sample back to the laboratory without registering or making note of your kit’s barcode, please contact us to learn about your options.

In some cases, a new kit and sample may be necessary.

If the collection tube has been registered or the new recipient is receiving a “This barcode has already been used” error message during registration, please contact us from the registered email address and we will outline the available options.

It is important to note that replacement kits provided to an individual following a sample failure cannot be transferred to another person.It is only during the registration process that a collection tube is connected with a specific person.The new recipient can start the registration process by navigating to https://Once your kit has been registered, you may change your online profile name to any name you wish to use from within your account settings.Once your sample reaches the laboratory, it is identified by the unique anonymous barcode printed directly on the sample tube.Note: When purchasing through CVS Pharmacy, Best Buy, Walgreens, or Walmart, you purchase your saliva collection kit through the retailer, then pay an additional lab fee after registration. Registering the barcode located on your saliva collection tube allows us to connect that tube to you and your account.

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