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In the US, however, there seems to be have been much more consideration of the issue (at least according to my Google search results).Despite recent controversies surrounding the backdating of executive stock options, the general attitude in the US is that backdating is not wrong (or right), per se.

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View graph of Medicaid and CHIP Enrollment Growth over Baseline.

Nearly 35.4 million individuals are enrolled in CHIP or are children enrolled in the Medicaid program in the 48 states that reported child enrollment data for August 2018.

Lawyers who were trained in commonwealth jurisdictions may have an ingrained concept that backdating a document is generally improper, if not illegal.

This is reflected in the Linklaters article Execution of Documents: Five Common Questions Answered, which offers the following advice for in-house lawyers: “(i) contracts may only be backdated, absent fraud, in circumstances where an original form has been lost or where terms have been fully agreed but signatures have been left to a later date and (ii) deeds may never be backdated.” Unfortunately, the article offers scant authority, and a search on Google reveals little else on the subject from the commonwealth world.

Updated Medicaid and CHIP application, eligibility determinations, and enrollment data is available on data. As with previous reports, this month’s report contains preliminary data and includes data for all states on the following indicators (the term "states" includes all 50 states and the District of Columbia): Read additional background information about the monthly enrollment report.

73,156,236 individuals were enrolled in Medicaid and CHIP in the 51 states reporting August 2018 data.

Getting documentation together for one disability claim can be a full-time job.

Try filing two, three or four disability claims at the same time.

Read more about claiming Carer Payment or Carer Allowance.

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of Veterans Affairs, this article has insider tips that win.

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