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1) The two major subordinate units of 7966th were: 7964th Area Command at La Rochelle, France, and 7965th Area Command at Verdun, France.

During the 15 July 1951 reorg the subord commands 7964th Area Command 7965th Area Command were redesignated - 7964th Hqs Gp, Base Sec, EUCOM Com Z - 7965th Hqs Gp, Adv Sec, EUCOM Com Z The Com Z Adjutant Sec was responsible (at this time) for the administration of: Hqs, 7965th Area Command Hq Det, 7965th Area Command 565th Ord Co (Medium Automotive Maint) 99th Labor Supervision Co An army without supplies is no longer an army, but a defenseless body of men, put out of action and inevitably destroyed by the enemy.

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Here Joan of Arc broke the English seige of this Loire stronghold and began her triumphant campaign to restore the French throne to France.

But the roots of Orleans go still deeper than 15th Century history. It led a revolt against Julius Caesar 52 years before Christ was born.

On this side of the curtain is the new -- but still unarmed -- Federal Republic of Germany, France, Belgium, Luxembourg, The Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Norway and Denmark. In 1949 the United States, the UK, France, Belgium, The Netherlands, Canada, Luxembourg, Italy, Norway, Iceland, Portugal and Denmark signed the Atlantic Pact.

In the fall of the same year the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), the implementing mechanism of the pact, came into being.

The "Lifeline to the Frontline" shoulder patch has recently been reinstated as the Communications Zone shoulder patch.

The patch was originally worn by members of Com Z between 19.Whether you are stationed in England, Germany or France, it is almost certain that some time during your European tour you will find yourself traveling to some of the cities or installations in the USAREUR Communications Zone -- COM Z.It will be to your advantage, naturally, to know something about the nature and purpose of COM Z, the events leading up to its establishment, and its remarkable accomplishments.The establishment of EUCOM Com Z led directly to the activation of depot and warehouse facilities of all EUCOM technical services.Almost all of these installations remained in Class II status during the rest of the year and were therefore under the direct control of the chief of EUCOM technical service concerned rather than Com Z (Class I status- installation under direct Com Z control).In January 1960, the patch became the official symbol of , with headquarters in Orleans, was responsible for the LOC across France.

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