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From a pregnancy scare and a troubled girlfriend to a cameo by Color Me Badd, Beverly Hills 90210's sophomore year demonstrates why this was "the greatest TV show in history with a zip code in its title." This is the season that catapulted 90210 from Most Likely to Succeed to BSOF (Best Show on Fox).

Certainly, it was must-see viewing for teens who anxiously tuned in each week to vicariously chart the serial adventures of siblings Brenda and older brother Brandon, recent transplants from Minnesota to glitzy Beverly Hills.

, she was in a relationship with Steve Basilone, and was married to him for two years before filing for divorce.

It was later revealed that Morelli had discovered her preference for women, and resulted in her coming out publicly.

Season 2, one of the best in this series' decade-long run, is one for the time capsule, with episodes and story arcs that loom large in the 90210 phenomenon, among them: Brenda's tempestuous on-and-off-again relationship with soulful bad boy Dylan, causing rifts between her and her increasingly disapproving parents; new girl Emily Valentine going all Fatal Attraction on Brandon (no rabbits are boiled but a homecoming float is in jeopardy); Kelly, hooking up with Melrose Place-bound Jake, and Donna in her mermaid Halloween costume.

School's out in the second-season opener, and for Brandon, it's the beginning of a new job.

Nate Berkus is an acclaimed interior designer that he even has his own self-titled DIY show.

What more to prove his worth in his career, than appearing on The Oprah Winfrey Show numerous times, of which Berkus certainly has.

Brenda, Dylan, Steve, Donna and Kelly attend a Halloween party.

David blows off the party to spend some time with his oldest friend, relieving their childhood Halloweens.

Andrea nurses hurt feelings when her wedding invitation fails to arrive.

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