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Graham Meade and Apostrophe: Moondog (2001), Choda, Futurex, Duralith, Epyval, Booter MM, Pamelor, Sabril, Erinal, Karisma, Whackadoo, Bicicles, Drummon, Primary Elector, Youthanasia, Grunja, Prussian Brew, Chiz MM, Luciferus, Labtop, Gilgongo, Labrit, Kandide, Brassiere (which became the commercial typeface Ipscus in 2009), Eskargot, Endor, Labag. Krelesanta (not free) is a funky font inspired by the band Kreamy Electric Santa. Cavalero is inspired by the logotype of the Chevy Cavalier.

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Creator of the large (and free) Unicode font Quivira (2005).

It covers mathematics, chess, astrological symbols, arrows, fists, Latin, Greek, Cyrillic, Hebrew, Armenian, Georgian, Tifinagh, Coptic, emoticons, Vai, and Braille, to name just a few ranges. 1987, Besançon) who runs it is located in Annecy (before that, in Besançon).

With Klaus Herrmann, of Intecsas in Düsseldorf, he started updating his fonts from 1992-1999. In 2016, he published Bright Red Neon Letters, Bright Realistic Neon Letters (vector format), Decorative Red Font (EPS format) and Transparent Letters With Long Shadow (vector format).

Typefaces from 2017: Medieval Inventor Sketches, Braille, Vintage Hippie Alphabet, Sign Language Interpreter Font, Blueprint Style. 1970, from Boeblingen, Germany) finally has a web page for his own creations (fonts and dingbats). Manchester, UK, 1945) Cotswolds-based outfit for "custom fonts and lettering of distinction", founded by him in 1988.

Alexander graduated in computer science at the Hochschule Mannheim University of Applied Sciences (degree: Diplom-Informatiker (UAS)). He makes these fonts freely available via Dafont in 2008: Zfonts (grunge), Pee On Face (grunge), Hardcore Pen (graffiti), La Fraktouille (sketched blackletter face), Crustype crust (grunge), Crust Clean (grunge), My Goth Is Better, city burn night after night and we spraypaint the walls 1.0.

Additions in 2009: Black Spoon (minimalist sans with exaggerated x-height), Hurray (clean sans), Tes (sans), Urbana (grungy stencil), Black Spoon, Boa, The City Burn (grunge), Riot AF (grungy stencil), Blind (Braille font). [ Cape Town, South Africa-based graphic designer who was also born in Cape Town and grew up in Namibia, Creator of the multiline typeface Reading Together (2014), which pays attention to blind people. [ One of the most dynamic foundries from 2000 until 2003.

Along the same lines, we find the derived square serif typeface Stint Ultra Condensed (2011, Google Web Fonts) and Stint Ultra Expanded (2012).

In 2011, several other typefaces followed there, like Ultra (fat didone), Maiden Orange, Special Elite, Just Another Hand, Crushed, Luckiest Guy (comic book face), Aclonica, Redressed, Montezuma (a curly connected upright script), Devonshire (brush script), Fondamento (calligraphic lettering), Yellowatil (connected retro script), Righteous (free at Google Web Fonts: inspired by the all capitals letterforms from the deco posters of Hungarian artist Robert Berény for Modiano), Ribeye and Ribeye Marrow (cartoon and/or tattoo style lettering---free at Google Web Fonts), Spicy Rice (2011, free festive display typeface at Google Web Fonts).

By the way, my own logo (the moose on all my web pages) is from Marcius' Win Pets 1---I liked the sense of humour that shines through the drawing, and the spirit of Don't take life too seriously. The fonts: 10Lil Ghosts, 20Facesttf, Balkan Peninsula Braille, Banner, Black Box, Box Font, Box Font Negative, Boxina Box, Caterpillar, Che Viva Banana, Circleblackwhite, Confetti, Crayon Kids1, Crayon Kids2, Dominoes, Fingerprints Inside, Headlong, Homageto Will Eisner, Leonardosmirrorwriting, Leonardosmirrorwriting Bold, Little Big Man, Maja's Flowers (2001), Miss Ellen, Mo Money, Natural Signs, No Fear, Planks, Puzzle Pieces, Puzzle Pieces Outlined, Sams Dingbats No1, Sams Dingbats No2, Sams Handwriting, Sister R, TPFClaudia, TPFClaudia Bold, TPFClaudia Outlined, TPFGaiety, TPFGaiety Outlined, TPFKrikkel Krakkel, TPFPolka Your Eyes Out, TPFSenseless Strokes, TPFUbiquitous, TPFVacuous, TPFVacuous Negative, TPFYolk, TPFYolk Bold, TPFYolk Condensed, TPFYolk Condensed Bold, TPFYolk Light, Tattoo No1, Tattoo No2, Win Bugs, Win Pets1, Win Pets2, Noah's Ark (2001), Fantastique Cars (2001). Andy (András) made corporate typefaces for Umbro, QZERO, Bowater, Lloyds Bank, Royal Free Hospital, Liptons teas, Gordons gin, Marlboro cigarettes, as well as typefaces for magazines (Royal Academy of Arts, Elle, Blueprint) and for newspapers (The Scotsman).

All this was done under the label of The Font Factory.

It was for a few years the only active producer of multiple master fonts. Guyot's "Two Line Double Pica Roman", designed in the early 1600s), Bombardier (2002), Propaganda (2002), Propaganda Cyrillic (2002), Propaganda Greek (2002), Contra (2003), Ergonome (2002), Ergonomix (2002, techno dingbats), Alfabetix (2002), So MM (2002, a multiple master font), Templo (2001, a pixelish font), Zoloft, Miltown, Witches Brew, Celexa, Labrat, Effexor, Fluoxetine, Tralfamadore, Halcion, Rx MM, Paxil, Valium, Fight This, Ritalin, Xanax, Maskalin, Pica Hole, Impos MM, Miltown II, Carbolith, Komikaze, Komikazoom, Komikahuna, Diogenes, Komikazba, Mistress Script, Sledge, Mary Jane, Republika, Star Bat, Merkin, Erectlorite, Halter, Estrogen, Steinem (based on Dalton Maag's British Steel typeface), Lab Mix, Mary Jane II, Amerika, Masque, Konfuciuz, Mastodon, Broad, Amerika Sans, Scriptina, Karnivore, Cholo, Sedillo and Reprobate (all three based on Mike Sedillo's handwriting, 2001), Templo (screen font family, 2001). Brian Bonislawsky currently lives in Las Vegas, NV. 5 (2004), Europa Twin (2003), Euro Machina (2003, techno), Lord Rat (2003: papercut sans), Love Anxiety (2003), Buzz Saw (2003), Skullbearer (2003, skull dingbats), Beatnick Blue (2002), Geisha Boy (2002), Mardi Party (2002), Midcrime (2002), Ocovilla (2002), Ruthless (2002), Saltie Doggie (2002), Whiskers (2002), Royal Gothic, Family, Eggit, Jericho, Wild Monkeys (2002), 5Fingered Goth SW, Alien Argonaut AOE, Alpha Mack AOE, Amphibi Print, Angioma AOE, Anti Christ Superstar, Anti Christ Superstar SW, Astigma Solid, Big Limbo AOE, Big Limbod Out AOE, Bone Roll AOE, Bone Roll AOEBold, Bound AOE, Braille AOE, Bullet Balls AOE, Butterfly Chromosome, Butterfly Chromosome AOE, Button Button, Button Button AOE, CType, CType AOE, Celtic Lion AOE-Bold, Celtic Lion AOE-Bold Italic, Celtic Lion AOE-Italic, Celtic Lion AOE, Charaille AOE, Chicken Scratch, Chicken Scratch AOE, Clunker AOE, Clunker AOE-Bold, Crop Bats, Crop Bats AOE, Crop Bats IIAOE, Dark Night AOE, Dead Grit, Delivery Matrix AOE, Detour AOE, Digital Disco AOE, Digital Disco AOEOblique, Dingle Berries, Doggy Print AOE, Drax Luma AOE, Dungeon Keeper II, Dungeon Keeper IIBold, Dungeon Keeper IIItalic, Egg It AOE, Eggit AOE-Italic, Eggit Outline AOE, Electric Hermes, Electric Hermes AOE, Electric Hermes AOECharge, Fear AOE, Filth AOE, Fishy Print AOEOne, Fishy Print One AOE, Fishy Print Two AOE, Futhark AOE, Futhark AOEInline, Futhark AOEInline, Gate Keeper AOE, Ghoulish Fright AOE (2006), Glagolitic AOE (1999, grungy glagolitic), Gorgon Cocoon AOE, Gotik, Grey Alien SW, HAL9000AOE, HAL9000AOEBold, HAL9000AOEBold Italic, HAL9000AOEItalic, Handage AOE, Handage AOEBold, Haunt AOE, Hybrid LCDAOE, IDSupernova SW, Islander AOE, Joker Wild AOE, Kill Me Craig, Kill Me Craig AOE, Kinderfeld, Kitty Print, Kitty Print AOE, Kornucopia, Kornucopia AOE, Linus Face, Linus Face AOE, Linus Play AOE, Linus Play SW, Lochen, Lovesick AOE, Manson, Master Plan, Mervale Script (2012: a brushy script based on the 1940's Fawcett Publications Mary Marvel comic), Microbe, Moo Cow SW, Motherlode Loaded AOE-Italic, Motherlode Loaded AOE, Motherlode Stripped AOE-Italic, Motherlode Stripped AOE, Mysterio SWTrial, Nightmare AOE, Orna Mental, Pantera, Papa Mano AOE, Penicillin AOE (described as a bacterial stencil typeface), Pixel Gantry AOE, Pixel Gantry AOEBold, Pixel Gantry AOEBold Italic, Pixel Gantry AOEHeavy, Pixel Gantry AOEHeavy Italic, Pixel Gantry AOEItalic, Pixel Gantry Hilite AOE, Pixel Gantry Hilite AOEItalic, Poppy AOE, Poseidon AOE, Prick, Quilted AOE, Quilted AOEBlack, Quilted Trial, Ripple Crumb, Ripple Crumb Ultra Con, ROCKY, ROCKYAOE, Rusted Machine SW, SSExp Antique AOE, Schizm, Schrill, Schrill AOE, Schrill AOEOblique, Scrawn, Scrawn AOE, Scrawn Cyr AOE, Scrawn KOI8AOE, Screwed AOE, Screwed AOEOblique, Screwed SW, Seaweed Fire AOE, Senth AOE, Shampoo SW, Shotty Transfer Trial, Skinner AOE, Slur Crumb, Spat Crumb, Spike Crumb Geiger, Spike Crumb Swizzle, Spike Crumb Swollen, Steelcap Rubbing Trial, Struck SW, Strutter AOE, Sunspots AOE, Surfer Comic Trial, TRANSHUMANALPHABET10, TRANSHUMANKATAKANA20, Tannarin AOE, Tannarin AOEOblique, Tibetan Beefgarden AOE, Tibetan Beefgarden AOE, Tourist Trap AOE, Transponder AOE, Transponder Grid AOE, Ugly Stick AOE, Vanguard IIIAOE-Bold, Vanguard IIIAOE-Bold Oblique, Vanguard IIIAOE-Oblique, Vanguard IIIAOE, Ventilate, Ventilate AOE, Y2KPop Muzik AOE, Y2KPop Muzik Outline AOE, Young Itch AOE, Zeichens SW, Zeno Potion AOE, Zombie, Beatnik Blue AOE, Beatnik Blue Fill AOE, Geisha Boy AOE, Mardi Party AOE, Mind Crime AOE, Ocovilla AOE, Polynesian Tourist AOE, Ruthless AOE, Salty Doggie AOE, Spruce AOE, Whiskers AOE-Oblique, Whiskers AOE, Whiskers Alt Caps AOE-Oblique, Whiskers Alt Caps AOE (2002), Habitual, Automatic (techno), Bitrux, Filth (an eerie brush script), Cake&Sodomy, Gulag, Bad Comp, Detour, Alien Argonaut, Dark Night, Gate Keeper (Halloween font), Gargamel Smurf, Invocation, Neuntotter, Geisha Boy, Saratoga Slim, Gobe, Stingwire, Lavatype, Tapehead, Islander, Clunker, Digelectric, Gargamel, Krulo-Tag, Krelesanta, Surfer Comic, Bound, Culture Vulture, Intruder, Cavalier, Anoxia, Synchrounous (IBM logo style lettering), Luna, Data Error, Lunokhod, Jericho. Kill Me Craig is the first 26 death scene dingbat font (scenes by Craig Dowsett).

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