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She was a true triple threat – a singer, dancer and actress – who was poised to become a major star. Both vehemently denied that they were anything more than friends.

Her three albums have sold over 32 million copies worldwide. In the mid-1990s, when the Internet was in its infancy, it was far easier for celebrities to keep secrets.

The behind-the-scenes drama of the film is a stark contrast to Aaliyah’s polished, professional image.

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He says the two were both “very authentic black,” but grew up in non-urban environments. Dame went on to explain that she was usually willing to give someone a shot, but was also quick to place them in the “friend zone.” “So, I was going at her,” he said. And he knew her before I did…It was just a situation where Aaliyah was the type of girl that would give you a shot.

“She was a girl that had a point of view,” Dame Dash said. And that was like me, kinda…Overall I went to private school.

She was an intern at Roc-A-Wear and then she started dating Dame and… I guess she was inspired to be a designer and she got the opportunity by dating him. She learned a lot about the business and Dame taught her as well.

Was it common for the female employees to date the men there? Did you ever see a non-professional relationship between Rachel Roy and Jay Z while she was with Dame? Arthur also went into detail about Rachel being pregnant by Dame while dating Aaliyah, whether or not he witnessed a non-professional relationship between Rachel and Jay AFTER her divorce from Dame, what really set Solange off in the elevator and gave a VERY surprising answer to the million dollar question of whether or not Jay Z dated Aaliyah before, after or during her relationship with Dame.

However, she admitted that she hired a car and driver on a regular basis. Kelly scandal, Aaliyah did everything she could to keep her personal life private.

Though gossip columns claimed she dated Ginwine and Jay-Z, she always claimed that it was not true.

“And it was like she was known at one time younger for being a little thuggish-looking girl or whatever. When you talked to her it wasn’t no hood shit with it at all.

But she really acted like somewhat of a non-urban chick.

Check out a little of what he had to say below: How did you initially get in the door at Roc-A-Fella? So Rachel was in a position where –she started off as an intern– Dame was attracted to her and started assisting him.

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