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If we have an uneven number we just rotate that extra person out and I have never had a complaint! If you would like to create a separate email address just for your speed dating matches I would suggest doing that as opposed to sharing a business email.

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If you are really nervous arrive a few minutes early.

It is always easier to enter an empty room and let it fill up, than to enter a full crowd.

You will enjoy eight 8-minute dates with people in your age group, plus the chance to meet everyone else at the event, delicious complimentary appetizers and raffle prizes.

Advance registration is required and this event is expected to SELL OUT!

The Fez in Stamford is the perfect setting for an evening of meeting, mingling and matching with lots of great single professionals.

With its unique upscale atmosphere and phenomenal menu, The Fez is known as the hottest singles spot in CITY and will create a great setting for a fantastic 8minute Dating event.

Dalam kesimpulan sederhana saya, berdarkan uraian diatas, Fenomena Gigolo menurut saya bukan hanya fenomena sosial, bukan hanya juga fenomena ekonomi dan kemerosotan moral, tapi sudah menjadi bagian dari budaya atau lebih spesifiknya Counter-culture.

Sebuah budaya yang lahir dari pertentangan budaya besar.

The evening will begin with a fun creative activity to break the ice.

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