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But instead of T-shirt giveaways, the company is focusing efforts on raising awareness of its Tweed brands, he said.

“You’re trying to enhance and complete what consumers need to fully realize their cannabis experience,” Bigioni says of grinders, vaporizers and other accessories.

17 according to a new provincial law that prevents retailers from selling any items that include the cannabis leaf.

“At this point my only option in Quebec is to hide the joint or the leaf image and put ‘censored’ over it,” he said in an interview.

“It’s a leaf that’s existed for thousands of years and it does not belong to the government of Quebec,” she said.

“It’s not property rights of the government of Quebec to prohibit the use of it so it will be challenged because it may limit the freedom of expression — a fundamental charter right.” In the rest of Canada, sales of cannabis-monikered T-shirts, mugs and jewelry will continue and likely increase, industry observers say.

The company will also sell unique products along with shirts, vests, socks and other materials outside of Quebec that customers would want to wear, but with a modern twist.

Branding is an important way to attract adult consumers to the new legal marketplace from the illicit trade, says Allan Rewak, executive director of the industry association Cannabis Canada Council.

Each new development carries the potential to impact the marijuana industry regionally, nationally, and internationally.

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