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* die "Could not read settings from webapp-config!

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Protected directories are set using the CONFIG_PROTECT variable, nor‐ mally defined in make.globals.

Directory exceptions to the CONFIG_PRO‐ TECTed directories can be specified using the CONFIG_PROTECT_MASK vari‐ able.

* * Messages for package net-www/awstats-6.7-r2: * * ERROR: net-www/awstats-6.7-r2 failed.

* Call stack: *, line 49: Called pkg_setup *, line 1244: Called webapp_pkg_setup * webapp.eclass, line 378: Called webapp_read_config * webapp.eclass, line 60: Called die * The specific snippet of code: * ENVVAR=$($ --query $ $) || die "Could not read settings from webapp-config!

If ´._cfg0000_foo´ already exists, this name becomes ´._cfg0001_foo´, etc.

In this way, existing files are not overwritten, allowing the administrator to manually merge the new config files and avoid any unexpected changes.The pur‐ pose of this feature is to prevent new package installs from clobbering existing configuration files.By default, config file protection is turned on for /etc and the KDE configuration dirs; more may be added in the future.Alternatively, you can leave Config File Protection on but tell Portage that it can overwrite files in certain specific /etc subdirec‐ tories.For example, if you wanted Portage to automatically update your rc scripts and your wget configuration, but didn't want any other changes made without your explicit approval, you'd add this to /etc/make.conf: CONFIG_PROTECT_MASK="/etc/wget /etc/rc.d" Tools such as dispatch-conf, cfg-update, and etc-update are also avail‐ able to aid in the merging of these files." * The die message: * Could not read settings from webapp-config!

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